Anthem AwardsIdentity
ArabesqueIdentity, Exhibition
Art of the Emirates II / Portrait of a Nation IIEditorial
Barkley HendricksEditorial
Black FuturesEditorial
Border to BaghdadEditorial
Brando ArabicType Design
Called to the Camera-Black American Studio PhotographersEditorial
Charles Ray Figure GroundEditorial
Commercial Type ShowcaseDigital
Conversations on Architecture
Culture Pass ClubIdentity, Art Direction
DaduIdentity, Type Design
Field Notes on ScarcityEditorial
Freedom, The Story of the Black Panther PartyEditorial
Graphik ArabicType Design, Art Direction, Editorial
Hammer and HopeIdentity, Type Design, Editorial, Digital, Art Direction
Hear, See, Play: Designing with SoundExhibition, Digital
HeartBeat OperaIdentity
I Want SkyEditorial, Type Design
IBM Plex ArabicType Design
KufamType Design
Laetitia Ky Love & JusticeEditorial
Lyon ArabicType Design
MakerBraneDigital, Identity
María Magdalena Campos-Pons – Behold
Master, Pupil, Follower: 16th-to 18th-Century Italian Works on PaperEditorial
Media Revolutions in the Middle EastExhibition, Identity, Digital
Mona HaydarIdentity
Nike FC DubaiArt Direction, Digital
Nike × Sole DubaiType Design
Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in AmericaEditorial
Rights of Future Generations-ConditionsEditorial
Rights of Future Generations-PropositionsEditorial
SlayIdentity, Digital
Studio Museum in Harlem, 50 Years AnniversaryIdentity
The Black Wall Street Times: Greenwood One HundredEditorial
The Tenth Volume 4: TechnologyEditorial, Art Direction
The Tenth Volume 5.5: CalicodEditorial
The Tenth Volume 5: The RomanticsEditorial
Twin FlamesEditorial
Winslow Homer CrosscurrentsEditorial