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Part-time Studio Manager

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Selected Clients

Selected Awards


Black Visionaries Impact Award

Our studio Morcos Key has been selected as recipient of the Impact Grant Recipient of the Black Design Visionaries award. We're very proud of Jon and his unwavering commitment to creating work that comes from the heart.
In June of this year Instagram and the Brooklyn Museum launched this program to empower, community builders and visionary designers who are creating innovative expressions of Black culture. The Impact Award is given to a Black lead design studio and comes with a $75,000 grant.
A big thank you to everyone who believed in us and supported us through work, mentorship and advice. 

Center for Book Arts Master Faculty Fellow

The exhibition Morcos Key Makes Reads takes viewers through a selection of print materials: branding stories, type treatments, collaborations, commissions, and personal projects. These books are displayed alongside selections from our personal library, demonstrating the conceptual and aesthetic influence on our process and creative practice.

Saudi Super Graphics

Together with ModelCraft Group, we created bespoke super graphics celebrating Saudi Arabia's 90th national day. Six chapters share Saudi culture, history, language and customs adorn the four towers in Digital City in Riyadh. This project is a collaboration with ModelCraft Group, ArtVue Worldwide and Saber.

Emanuel Nine Memorial

We collaborated with Michael Bierut's team from Pentagram to design a typeface for the Emanuel Nine Memorial. The typeface and memorial honors the lives and memories of the victims’ through curved stone benches encircling a marble fountain engraved with their names. The hand-painted inscriptions on the stained-glass windows of the church served as inspiration.

MTV VMA Campaign Taking Over the Subway

We were part of a group of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists that took over the NYC subway station at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue terminal at Barclays Center for the MTV VMA campaign. The collage pieces are abstract deconstructed portraits and the typography were in Arabic and conveyed a message of hope and resilience.

Beirut in my Heart

On August 4th, a terrible explosion rocked Beirut, causing at least US$15 billion in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless. In response, we created a blanket with the lettering "Beirut in my Heart" to fundraise for the victims. We raised $20,000 in one week, thank you for everyone who purchased a blanket. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Lebanese Red Cross and Helem, the Beirut-based LGBTIQ organization.

Lyon Arabic Text Featured on Print

Lyon Arabic, the typeface designed by Wael Morcos and Khajag Apelian and released by Commerial type has been featured on Print.

IBM Plex Arabic Wins a Pencil

IBM Plex Arabic , designed by Wael Morcos and Khajag Apelian just picked up a Pencil in Typography section at the DandAD London based design competition.

Forbes's List

Jon Key has made it onForbes' 30 Under 30 Art & Style list. Congratulations Jon!

Otis College of Art and Design

Jon and Wael will be Designers in Residence at Otis in Los Angeles California from June 23rd till July 8th participating in the Art Book Fair, leading a branding workshop with the MFA students and speaking at the MFA lecture series.


The Morcos Key Designer-in-Residence is a unique confluence of design work and design play aimed at designers seeking to combine experience in a small studio with a furthering of their personal practice. Read More

Ascenders 2018

Wael was selected by the Type Directors Club (TDC) for the Ascenders competition, a portfolio based contest which recognizes the work of designers who are 35 years of age and under for their remarkable achievement in typography, type design, and lettering. Award ceremony and exhibition will be held on August 15th at the Type Directors Club in NYC.

Arabic Lettering Workshop

Wael will be giving an Arabic Lettering workshop today at the New York Times. This workshop will focus on Square Kufi, an abstract and playful way to get familiar with the Arabic script.

TYPO Berlin

Jon Key will be speaking at TYPO Berlin on May 17th, 2018. TYPO 2018 will explore the mechanisms of the digital transformation and address the role of design in that process.

UX Beirut

Wael Morcos will be speaking at UX Beirut May 11, 2018, Lebanon’s ​first ​global ​user experience ​event. Wael will showcase several projects detailing how story telling unfolds through planning a narrative arc, conveying personality and sharing emotions and creating participatory experiences online and IRL

Frank Stanton Chair

Jon Key will be teaching at Cooper Union in the Spring 2018 as the acting Frank Stanton chair in Graphic Design. Jon will be teaching experimental narrative to Juniors and Seniors in the Art school.

Graphik Arabic

Graphik Arabic was awarded the First Prize in its category at the Granshan competition for non-Latin typefaces and was selected for the Communication Arts Typography Annual 2018.


Jon Key will be Judging the Type Director Club 64 annual competition. The Type Directors Club is the leading international organization whose purpose is to support excellence in typography, both in print and on screen.


Jon Key is speaking at the Typographics conference in NYC. On June 17th Jon will talk about design as a means to amplify and empower communities with a focus on Queer and Trans communities of color.